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Fourteen of the most gorgeous and talented girls take centre stage in a beauty pageant. Only one will become the ultimate Malaysian Girls. And with any beauty pageants, there is drama, suspense, back-stabbing and of course, lots of smiles. That is the premise of the new musical by The Kuala Lumpur...
Dec 13 2011
Asia City Staff
Originally from Hawaii, American comedian Paul Ogata, has been a regular stand up circuit, made numerous TV appearances and was crowned the winner of the prestigious TakeOut Comedy Competition in 2004. THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON I LEARNT AS A CHILD Fasten your safety belt! I fell out of a moving...
Nov 11 2011
Asia City Staff
Congratulations on your upcoming concert in Dewan Filharmonik Petronas – an impressive venue! How do you feel about performing here? At first I thought it was a joke when my manager told me that I’ll be performing there! I am so happy about it and honoured at the same time. What’s...
Sep 16 2011
Cheryl Leong